5 New Years resolutions to get you back on your career path for 2018

New year, new me… new career? 

It’s easy to loose focus and motivation sometimes but fear not, there’s still hope. As the saying goes, there’s no time like the present, so why not start now. 

Here’s a list of small changes you can make to get your career, and your life, back on track. 

1. Find a niche 

Find something in life you’re good at, you’re facinated with or you find rather interesting. Ask yourself; is there potential for a career in this field? Whether its coding that particularly takes your fancy, social media or managment; it could be anything. Turn your passion into something you can do 9-5 and you won’t look back. 

2. Learn about your niche industry

Do some research on the industry you want to work in; who are the big dogs, who are the start ups, where do you want to fit in? Know where the promising positions lie and learn which companies are rivals. Although don’t get too caught up in reviews on LinkedIn; just because Sally from HR wrote about how she doesn’t get on with the managers, doesn’t mean you won’t.

3. Work Hard, Play Hard 

Whether you’re already working and just wanting to up your game or whether you’re a newbie in your first job, don’t forget to keep the balance right. Its all well and good getting everything done, but are you having fun while doing it? Are you the boring colleague? Try catching up with everyone on your way in, ask how their weekend was? Be a social butterfly at work, and don’t be so hard on yourself. 

4. Stay in the loop

The digital industry is extremely fast paced, it’s forever changing, integrating new technologies and advancements. This makes it imperitive to stay in the know. Don’t get left behind or it could jeopardise your role within the company, you’re basically making room for someone younger, smarter and more up to date than yourself. 

5. Stay fit and healthy 

This one is more of a cliche resolution, but well worth listing as it plays a big part in motivating you along your career path. Quit smoking if that’s a problem for you, join the gym or take up yoga. Change your diet; stop eating all the cakes in the canteen, try a salad for lunch, maybe?  You will feel more energised and you’ll be skipping into the office come Monday morning. 

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