The skirt of my dreams 


Been such a busy week! Full of lovely inconvenient mini disasters that prevent a girl from writing a blog, apologies. Thought I would share with you something I ordered this week that I’ve fallen in love with.

So I had been eyeing up this skirt for months! When I first saw it on Instagram I knew I had to have it – I did the usual type in the description into Google and hope for the best approach. And there it was on Missguided’s website for £20-£25, don’t quite remember.
So I left it, having to save up for college travel and being between jobs kinda took priority. However it was on a Saturday evening on a girls night in gossiping over a dominoes and watching ex on the beach that an ad came up on Instagram. The infamous skirt was on sale!

I was like oh my god where is my purse. Down to £10 and having been paid from the job I had just left I thought I could now soundly justify this purchase. And it was made with free next day delivery as well might I add.

Tried it on, fits perfectly, think I’m in love you know.

And this everyone is the skirt in question:

Picture is up on my Instagram too – amylawraa. 

I have no words, you can’t really describe it you just have to see it for yourself!

Tell me what you think of this bargain guys..

Love, thekhakiqueen x

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