Trip to Boxpark and Brick Lane

Hey guys,

So with my college a few weeks ago we ventured out into the big scary city, well shoreditch to be precise. I really enjoyed the day, we looked at Spitalfields Market, Boxpark, and Brick Lane, which was my person favourite!

I thought i’d share with you some findings and some pics i snapped off the treasures you can find in a East London thrift shop.

Firstly i need to address this amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing beanie which legit, im gunna go back and buy.




Now that is out the way here are a few more pictures from the insides of the same shop in Boxpark, “FreshLaces”.

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Brick Lane was also really exciting to see, i love thrift shops, charity shops, second hand, vintage, whatever you want to call it, you can find something so unique and usually for a decent price too!

We walked down from Spitalfields market, the scenery was so artistic with graffiti everywhere i took a really good shot which i will insert here:

IMG_3710 (1)

We then went into a small thrift shop absolutely packed to the ceiling with clothes and shoes, it was like something out of a film set, i’d never seen anything like it!

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Another thrift shop we went into was called BLITZ this stocked new ranges also and alot of denim and sportwear brands, it was a huge two story building, it had a lounge area and a coffee machine like a cafe. It was massive and a great experience looking round.

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So that was my trip in a nutshell! Thanks for reading.

Love, thekhakiqueen x



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